Not Necessarily Christians

A Christian is necessarily  not he or she that goes to church. It is not really getting difficult to be a church person as churches are on the increase. A Christian is necessarily  not he or she that prays or attends prayer meetings and patronizes Prayer Mountains. It is not really getting difficult to pray as Prayer Mountains are on the increase. A Christian is necessarily  not he or she that reads and knows the bible.  It is not really getting difficult to have access and know the content of bible as resources (be it human, print and digital) are … Continue reading Not Necessarily Christians

We Are Ministers And Not Magicians

Often times we are confronted with the demand to prove ourselves. However, the truth is we have nothing to prove. It is a height in insecurity to try to prove who one is. If you are sure of whom you are, then you do not need to prove it. Your normal course in life will witness to all who are interested who you are. The disciples in Antioch were on their normal business and were rightly identified as Christians. Yes, there are so many abilities innate in us, but we need not show off. As the need arises the abilities … Continue reading We Are Ministers And Not Magicians

Beyond The Gifts

When a dignitary goes to a place in a vehicle, the vehicle is accorded special recognition. It might even be allotted a VIP car park. Irrespective of the car model, the personality it’s conveying makes it a special one. However, if the car appears without this personality and it is given special recognition, with time people will no longer award it that special reverence characterized by VIP passage and parking. The car model might still make it prestigious with people talking about it and envying it, but it will not be awarded VIP recognition. The gifts at our disposal are … Continue reading Beyond The Gifts

Seeing Well

Water boils at 1000C. However, that is not true for all water. Scientists say impure water would boil at a different temperature. Hearing impurities, one is quick to think of negative, evil and bad stuff contaminating the water. However, good elements such as salt also make the water impure, hence, changing the boiling point temperature. Anything that changes the boiling point temperature of water (and every liquid), however little and irrespective of the perception of its nature, is an impurity to that liquid, and makes it impure. Seeing God in our world on a daily basis requires a pure heart. … Continue reading Seeing Well


and you are complete through your union with Christ. He is the Lord over every ruler and authority in the universe. Colossians 2:10 NLT You are complete by being in union with him. This means that if you are not in union with Christ, you are not a complete person, you cannot reach the best of your potential, you are not your full person and you are not hundred percent. When you allow your life to come in union with him, by living your life like your Lord, your life comes in union and then you are completed in him. … Continue reading Complete!

Beyond Fairness

It is quite easy and natural to repay people back in their own coin. Our attitude towards people is often influenced by their attitude towards us. We tend to care for those who care about us and are indifferent to those who are indifferent to us.  It is like everybody get what they deserve from us, no more, no less. We simply try to give them a harvest of what they had sown.  Hence, when one party draws back, unconsciously the other draws back. This is painting an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in a … Continue reading Beyond Fairness

The Knowledge Cycle

One can only be vast in some things and not in all things as only God is vast in all things.  God is omniscience. Irrespective of what one knows, there would still be those things less known and unknown. In the birth story of Jesus, some men from the east had the knowledge that a new king of the Jews had been born.  These men were described as ‘wise’.  However, the ‘wise’ men were limited in their knowledge.  They as astrologers were skilled to interpret correctly the stars.  Their interpretation of that star as the king of the Jews came … Continue reading The Knowledge Cycle