How To Show Your Color

Colors are used to identify and describe an item. In every circle, there are acceptable colors, which forms the expectation of those in that circle and others from those in that circle. Therefore, it will be odd to display otherwise colors. For anyone who has decided to belong to Christ circle, he/she must be identified and described by the circle’s color. That color has its standard defined by the color of Christ, around whom the circle is built. Therefore, it is somewhat odd for members of this circle to display another color aside Christ’s color. The good thing is that … Continue reading How To Show Your Color

How To Receive More Revelations

The revelation of God is never enough. We should long for more and more.  However, on getting some revelations, people do run off (with much excitement) as if they have got all there is to get. Revelation should bring us closer to him and make us dig deeper until we are drowned in the river of revelation. Our attitude towards God’s word often hinders us from receiving more revelation.  There is this attitude of ‘I know what is there’ when the eternal teacher points our attention to what he wants to reveal at any particular time.  There is the feeling … Continue reading How To Receive More Revelations

How To Much Receive Revelation

What you call much might not be much when you settle for less than the much prepared for you. When the Holy Spirit starts to open your eyes to some revelations, he has much in mind for you. The much you receive of that much would depend largely on you.  If you cannot tarry enough to get the much, you will only have the much you could tarry for. To tarry is to fix your thoughts on what is being unveiled to you. However, we often have so many ‘to dos’ on our mind that we can’t fix our hearts … Continue reading How To Much Receive Revelation

How To Receive Revelations

While the volume of the scriptures does not change, God still uses it to communicate his mind to anyone who cares to listen.  It is beyond comprehension how God uses a verse to communicate to several people on diverse issues.  It is even beyond imagination how God uses the same verse to communicate to the same person on different issues by shedding different lights at various times. These scenarios are only possible because/when there is revelation of God’s word. Without revelation, the whole text remains what it is, a text. However, when light comes and there is a revelation, it … Continue reading How To Receive Revelations

How To Know Your Life Path

Not all paths lead to the same destination and not all destinations have the same path.  Every destination has its own path(s). So arriving at the right destination requires travelling through the corresponding path(s). It is dangerous to choose a path because others are threading it.  It is also not a tenable excuse to ply just any path because you do not know. It cannot also be justified by pointing to pressure around you to follow a path. It is expected of you and expedient for you to travel on your path, but to travel require knowledge. God who fashioned … Continue reading How To Know Your Life Path

How To Walk In Obedience

If determination and willpower were enough to meet up with God’s (general and specific) expectation from us, then many would have been doing so. However, men are finding out from experience, day after day, there is more to living in obedience to God. The path of obedience may vary in some regard for different people as God’s specific for us differs. Nevertheless, there is still only one path of obedience- the path ordained by God for each individual. Therefore, on this path, we might have different experiences but it is the same school we are all being taken through. We … Continue reading How To Walk In Obedience

How To Live Forever

Nothing last forever and so do human life as many understand it to be.  Little wonder, many are afraid of death, which they see as an end to their ‘beautiful life’.  Many wish that death do not exist, so that they keep on living on and on without any of their beloved ones missing in their lives.  However, we all know and have come to accept that death exists. Nevertheless, for many, coming in terms with death has brought a false knowledge that life cannot be forever. In the real sense, life does not end. It is continuous. The life … Continue reading How To Live Forever