How To Stop Procrastination

‘I will do it later’ is a familiar statement especially at the thought level. In a more practical sense, that ‘later’ becomes another ‘later’. Postponing tasks is not strange to all of us but it becomes a concern when it becomes a habit. Procrastination simply has to do with wisdom with respect to the use of time (Ephesians 5:15). In the course of relating a parable to emphasize obedience as against just hearing (Matthew 7:24-27), Jesus also pointed out a way to look at wisdom. It could be inferred from Jesus statement that wisdom is to know what to do … Continue reading How To Stop Procrastination

How To Drop Addictions

There is a vacuum in everyone that must be filled. It is like a gap, space or a big gully in our souls, which our beings crave to fill. Interestingly, this vacuum never fills up. It seeks more and more ‘stuffs’ to be poured into it to be ‘satisfied’. This is the ‘story behind the story’ of addictions. With some activities, the soul seems to be at peace with itself while they are on. Afterwards, the unsettling feeling comes again causing another longing for that activity that had been ‘tested’ to pacify it. This then becomes an addiction. One could … Continue reading How To Drop Addictions

How To Live Above Depression

Depression is a state of the mind, which has the absence of hope as the underlying cause irrespective of the diagnosed causes. It is a culmination of thoughts over time in the process of which hope thoughts are being squeezed out. People need a sense of hope to move on in life. It is hope that generates a positive vibe about the future, be it distant or otherwise. People build this hope on people, things, events and assumptions. However, when these premises of hope fail or change, a riot of thoughts would likely occur. The first response in us as … Continue reading How To Live Above Depression

How To Be Satisfied In Life

Everyone long for that sense of satisfaction, that sense of peace, which comes with fulfillment. However, not everyone finds it. Some think they have found it only to soon realize that they do not have it again or they never had it. Therefore, people keep finding what seems does not want to be found. However, could it be that it does not want to be found or that we have been looking at the wrong place and direction?  People often look for satisfaction in pleasure. The object of pleasure, which varies from individual to individual, shows prospects of giving satisfaction … Continue reading How To Be Satisfied In Life

How To Make Progress

Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. 1 Timothy 4:15 NLT We all love progress. We get excited about stories of people making progress with all the twists and turns that make them fit for soap operas (except one is an enemy of course). At many times, we wish we could be in their shoes, being the one in the limelight as the main character in another story of progress. However, progress does not just happen. Progress often defined as a gradual forward movement towards a goal is … Continue reading How To Make Progress

How to raise others

There is this need to raise others not just to become like us but also to be better. Some readily see this need while many do not realize this. Nevertheless, we are all raising people and are being raised though often unconsciously. Time, challenge and request make some to make it a conscious effort. After a while, people do realize that the future looks bleak, as there are no (capable) people to continue or handle things at hand or arise in future. In salvaging the situation, a labor begins in this direction, which might be formal or informal. The challenge … Continue reading How to raise others

How To Grow Stronger

Growth does not occur in a day but over a period, which is filled with different seasons. Some of these season are one offs, some rarely and most a repetitive cycle. A tree that would have grown stronger over say 30 years would have experienced series of autumns, winters, springs and summers in a repeated cycle over those years. It would also have experienced one or two storms, cyclones or hurricanes depending on whatever high-sounding name you want to give it. There could have also been a season of drought, which altered the repetitive cycle for a while. You cannot … Continue reading How To Grow Stronger

How To Be Seen As Great

The LORD told Joshua, “Today I will begin to make you great in the eyes of all the Israelites. Now they will know that I am with you, just as I was with Moses. Joshua 3:7 NLT People are perceived as great because something the people esteem is with them. For a people that esteem money and properties, any one with such in large quantities is taken to be great. For those that esteem power, anyone in lofty and high positions is taken to be great. For a people that esteem fame, anyone with a large and cult followership is perceived … Continue reading How To Be Seen As Great

How To Stand Out

You stand out by thinking, speaking and acting differently. Interestingly, to speak differently require that one must think differently as out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak (Luke 6:45). Likewise, to act differently require one must think differently as evil and good acts proceed out of within a man. Therefore, to stand out is to think differently. In this world where the wrong things are becoming normal, it is increasingly difficult to stand out for the right things and stand out even before God. God’s thoughts differ from man’s thoughts. Therefore, if you imbibe God’s thoughts as yours, … Continue reading How To Stand Out

How To Become Independent

  People think they will be independent when they have money, a job or are married. These had been the traditional yardstick for independence, which most young people work and walk towards both consciously and unconsciously. Anyone with any or a combination of the aforementioned is deemed independent by the society. The expectations and anticipation of such a status change is built on the concept of Independence. However, the truth is one might have money, a good job or be married and not be independent. Likewise, one might be independent even without money, job and been married. Independence starts with the … Continue reading How To Become Independent