From Salt To A Pillar Of Salt 2

Lot’s wife became a pillared salt when the angels were no longer around. She and her family had gone that far because the angels dragged them along. She complied with their instructions not to look back as long as they were with them. So many are where they are in their life journey because they have angels around; they are being dragged and push by angels. Therefore, when these angels are no longer around they are stuck in their journey because they did not get this far on their own. Angels are those in our world that constrict us to … Continue reading From Salt To A Pillar Of Salt 2

From Salt To A Pillar Of Salt 1

While we are meant to be salt, Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. A pillared salt can no longer function like a salt. It has been localized with its influence restricted to an area or place. The best the pillar of salt can be used for is to describe paths to be followed and otherwise. Someone who has become a pillared salt is that person whose life/story is used to show others how not to lose their influence and relevance. It is still adding value/flavor but only as a signpost of the direction not to take in life.  It has … Continue reading From Salt To A Pillar Of Salt 1

The Little Yeast’s Vaccination

To avoid an organism having a negative effect on human and animals, a substance is deliberately introduced to stimulate the body’s production of antibodies and provide immunity against the disease caused by such organism, prepared from the agent that causes the disease, or a synthetic substitute long before contact takes place. This is the principle of vaccination. One infection we should be wary of is that of false teachings. Peter devoted a substantial portion of his writings to address the issue of false teachers and teachings.  For this topic to have dominated his expressed thoughts, it must have been very … Continue reading The Little Yeast’s Vaccination

The Blade

God’s response to every branch is to cut or prune. In either case, the branch experiences the blade. Though the purpose of the blade differs, it will cut something off.  Either the excessive growths are cut off the branch or the branch is cut off the vine. No branch is left the same way ‘forever’. When the attention of the vine-dresser comes on it, an action must take place. That which is unfruitful i.e. not bringing forth the desired result might eventually be cut off after a while.  The ‘while’ would sure be enough fair time as the vine-dresser is … Continue reading The Blade

This Water Is Overfished!

The fact that many people are out there doing what you believe you should be doing should not stop you. In one form or another, there is the possibility of those ideas running through your mind being in existence already. Yes, many have gone ahead with those plans of yours. While yours may still be at the planning stage, they might already be at the implementation stage. For some, this fact can be intimidating, hindering them from overcoming inertia. They can’t just see how they will stand out in that ‘field’, which seems already flooded. They are asking, ‘How do you … Continue reading This Water Is Overfished!

Impostors Or Forerunners

Those who have gone ahead of you are either impostors or forerunners. Do not fret; they will either fizzle out or hand over to you. Judas of Galilee came on the scene at the time of the census; the same time Jesus was born. He got people to follow him and was killed, a form of what the new baby Jesus had come to do. However, at his death, Judas’ followers were scattered and disillusioned without being able to sustain his movement. Jesus did not rush out to the scene because someone out there was trying out his idea, plan, … Continue reading Impostors Or Forerunners


Some people may have to leave the scene for you to be seen. You may have to leave the scene for others to be seen. While men see stars, God sees a usable vessel. It seems as if God does not parade many stars in the same galaxy at the same time. He arranges things in such a way that each star receives enough attention in its time of reign. Jesus did not start until john left the scene when he was arrested.  Although, Jesus was already set, his latter was not established until the former was taken away.  You … Continue reading Stars